Import Counselling

At the import counseling service, first, you are informed about legal legislation of the product you want to import and research can be done about foreign producers of the product on request. After that information arrived at you, you are informed about tariffs that change from country to country, a detailed, compared costs analysis by your payment and loading method. If your product is an intermediate good (a product that used to produce another thing), information about the inward processing regime and information about the annulment of licenses will be delivered to you accordingly to legislations. If your transactions will be by import credits, with our experienced import credit experts, we finish our operations before you accredit and ensure that you get proper import credits that will look for your companies benefits and protection. Also during the accreditation, they will ensure there will no trouble about the accreditation by keeping contact with banks, customer company, customs consultant company, logistics company and make sure all foreign trade papers that appropriate for accreditation submitted to the bank on time. Loading and inland bonding of your product is made by customs consultancy and logistic companies within our organization and you will only take your product to your warehouse.

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