We continue our journey, which started in the corporate company in 2001, as of 2017, as a result of our international connections and intense demands, in our own company.

As of 2021, our seminars and trainings on general foreign trade will begin.

As Fiş Group, we serve various sectors, mainly textile, food, cosmetics and automotive sub-industry sectors.

If you have products that you want to sell domestically, but do not want to deal with the necessary legal permissions with import transactions, we obtain the legal permissions of the products you request with the most advantageous solutions for you, import them and deliver your order to your door. We also do not want to deal with whether project-based foreign trade to send items abroad to supply products from Turkey or abroad, whether built-making companies to export through our own company.

As Fiş Group, you prepare all the documents / tests required for export and transportation for every invoiced product you buy domestically and you can export your products with peace of mind.

Our company founders, who have been in the foreign trade sector since 2001, and our team of 22 people who have developed themselves in the related fields are served.

We provide services to companies that want to get consultancy support outside of Istanbul by visiting them at regular intervals or hosting them in our office and / or talking by phone and video conference. In project-based transactions, we continuously serve for the preparation of the necessary infrastructure and documents at the company’s location for the first 7 days.

When You Need to Get Foreign Trade Counselling?
  • To overwhelm growth problems and orientating to developments,
  • At strategic analysis or planning,
  • For orientate the changes and developments at market
  • For analyze foreign trade processes and changes at processes,
  •  While financial crisis, having difficulties to finance foreign trades,
  •  While determining fitting new markets to the company’s growth graphics,
  •   For branding and growing the brand at the global markets
  •   When cash flow starts to become irregular,
  •   When defects, risks, and complaints increase for product/service
  •   Marketing innovative products in the global world
  • When you can’t get strategic decisions,